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ChargeCard – Credit Card Phone Charger

ChargeCard Credit Card Phone Charger

Never worry about a dead phone again, the ChargeCard credit card phone charger lets you keep a fully functional phone charger in your wallet at all times. It connects directly into a usb port and into your phone like a normal charger, and folds back up into credit card size when finished. The USB plug is designed to fit snugly into place, so you dont have to worry about it coming loose, simply plug it in and let it charge. And the ChargeCard doesn’t just charge your phone, but it also enables full two-way data transfer and synching, so you can use it  just like your regular cable when you need to sync your phone. The Chargecard credit card phone charger comes with a lifetime guarantee and can be purchased for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and Android devices.

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