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Loggerhead Bionic Wrench

Loggerhead Bionic Wrench

The winner of several tool design awards including Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award, the Loggerhead Bionic Wrench will change the way you handle nuts and bolts. This wrench is a remarkable hybrid of an adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers, giving you superb versatility with superior gripping action. The design allows you to attack a nut or bolt  on all 6 flat sides, which removes the stress and strain on the corners of the bolt. The ratchet like head allows you to  release the grip while still on the bolt, reposition the wrench, and ratchet tighten until finished. The 6-Inch Loggerhead Bionic Wrench covers 14 sized fasteners from 1/4-9/16-Inch and from 7mm-14mm, and will replace all of your mismatched wrenches and sockets.

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