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Outlaw Fasteners

Outlaw Fasteners

Truly the world’s best screw, Outlaw Fasteners have solved the design problems that lead to poor screw performance. The revolutionary tiered proprietary drive system eliminates the need for different sized drill bits, the head of the bit slides into the correct tier of the screw, effectively eliminating sizing and stripping issues. The innovate knurl in the screw prevents the wood from jacking up when being screwed into, so you no longer have to press down or hold pieces together to keep them aligned when screwing.  The screw also features a drill bit on its tip, so there’s no need for pilot holes, just screw straight in with one step. All of these features combined create screw so well designed that it can be screwed in with one hand; no pilot holes, no stripping, and no jacking. Whether you’re doing a weekend DIY project or building an addition to your house, Outlaw Fasteners are simply the best screw money can buy.

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