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Pumpkin Beer Tap Kit

Pumpkin Beer Tap Kit

Turn your ordinary pumpkin into a fall flavored draft system with the Pumpkin Beer Tap Kit. Simply insert the sturdy chrome-plated brass bore shank and faucet into the pumpkin, and you instantly can have any number of fresh pumpkin cocktails. Pour your favorite New Belgium, Three Floyds, or Stone beer in to make an instant pumpkin flavored craft brew. Or take it a step further and pour in a Pumpkinator, Pumpkick, or your favorite pumpkin beer for turbo charged pumpkin flavor. The system can be used in any large fruit or vegetable, so you can also have summertime watermelon beers.  With the Pumpkin Beer Tap Kit, you can turn your extra pumpkin into the ultimate pumpkin keg.

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