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Wello: Your all-in-one fitness tracking iPhone case


Track even more fitness data with the Wello from Azio. This gadget has the ultimate in invisibility as it’s built into your iPhone cover. You don’t have to worry about carrying around numerous sensors to measure various body functions, as they are all combined together in the Wello. If you already use a Fitbit wearable, they can be integrated into your Wello data feed, with other popular wearables coming soon. You can even use the device remotely, and look at how your team mates, friends and family are performing too.

Some of the vital signs that the Wello can measure are your blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen, temperature, lung functions through a detachable spirometer, amongst others. Suffice to say, this gadget puts your average heart rate monitor into the shade. Taking your measurements is real simple, you hold your phone in horizontal position and put your index fingers on the two sensors on the top of your phone, while your middle two fingers go on the two sensors on the back. The sensors then use Bluetooth to send all these readings to the Wello app on your phone. All this takes only a minute.

Your whole family can benefit from the Wello, not only because you will know more about your health, but also because you can access readings remotely. This means you can lend your Wello to family members and then keep a tab on their health from wherever you happen to be. If you’ve just bought a brand new iPhone from O2, you’ll probably wondering exactly what phones it works with. Well, the Wello currently works with iPhones 4s, 5, and 5s, and any Android 4.3 and above as long as they have Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. The sensors are built into the iPhone case, but come as a standalone for Android. You won’t have to constantly worry about running out of juice either, the Wello battery should last for two months even if you use it on a daily basis.

Currently Wello take the Henry Ford approach to color schemes – you can have it in any color as long as it’s black. Again, the team behind the product hope to bring out new shades in the near future. Crucially, in the age of NSA snooping, all your data is encrypted and then stored on servers without being linked to your name. Azio does their level best to keep your data safe.

The Wello is the result of research by Azio Corp, a peripherals company with their US headquarters in City of Industry, Los Angeles. The CEO of the company, Hamish Patel has said: “Over the last two years, we have focused our efforts on coming up with a technologically advanced yet easy-to-use tool to help you monitor health and facilitate better lifestyle choices. We are proud to introduce Wello – not so small engineering feat in microelectronics, nanosensors, imaging, data analytics and design.” Before rounding off by saying, “we have effectively put health monitoring equipment, typically in large form factors, into a highly convenient and accessible mobile phone case.”

The Wello will cost $199 in the US and, pending FDA approval, should hit the market in the fall. It will also be shipped to Canada, EU countries, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

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Untitledl  Lily Sommers has loved technology from since she first saved up to buy a 3310 back in the day. When Apple launched the iPad she felt as if the world was finally complete. She is mad about technology in all its many forms and functions. Incidentally, Lily is also quite the sporty type and is always looking for a new way to integrate technology into sport and fitness.

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