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Whisky: The Manual

Whisky: The Manual

Learn to understand the flavor, style, and mixes of your favorite whiskies in Whisky: The Manual.  This highly accessible and enjoyable guide is full of practical and fascinating information about how to enjoy whisky. All whisky styles are covered, including blends. Along the way a good few myths are exploded, including the idea that whisky has to be taken neat. In ‘What to Drink’, Dave Broom explores flavor camps – how to understand a style of whisky and – moves on to provide extensive tasting notes of the major brands, demonstrating whisky’s extraordinary diversity. In ‘How to Drink’, he sets out how to enjoy whisky in myriad ways – using water and mixers, from soda to green tea; and in cocktails, from the Manhattan to the Rusty Nail. He even looks at pairing whisky and food. The perfect book for any whisky connoisseur, Whisky: The Manual is the ultimate guide to your favorite spirit.

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